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March 9, 2016

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Images from EBPOA Annual Mtg 2016


The annual meeting of the Edisto Beach Property Owners Association (EBPOA) will be held on April 22, 2017 @ 4 PM. 

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Your Legislative Contacts

From time to time we ask you to contact your legislators on issues of concern. The State of SC has worked to make it easier to identify the people who represent you and to find out how to contact them.
These links, which you may want to save to your "favorites" will allow you to stay in touch with your legislators.

First, this link will help you find your legislators by simply entering your address... it also includes your Congressional delegation

For many of us old timers who remember the SC Legislative Manuel, it still exists and you can view
it on line at It has a wealth of information.

The SC Legislative Website itself can be pretty helpful with many of these functions available from the home page. You might want to start here and simply wander around a bit:

If you want to contact your legislator use "contact legislator" form on the right hand side in the middle. If you care to create a password you can find and track legislation on line.



Update on renourishment 2-15-17

Renourishment is complete in the 100 to 600 blocks. Pipe is being extended to renourish the pavilion compartment and then on to the state park. When this is complete, renourishment will proceed southwest down to the Point. The “mattresses” and composite sheet pilings are being prepositioned for work on groins1-14. The “mattresses” are sturdy plastic mesh bags, 5 ft x 20 ft, filled with fist sized rocks which are placed on the sea floor to prevent the larger 3 ft rocks from sinking into the sand. Groins 15-18 and  20-27 which receive rock only are essentially complete at present except for grouting which prevents sand from moving through them. According to Stephen Traynam, the project manager for Coastal Science and Engineering, the project is on or ahead of schedule at this point.

 David Cannon


Town of Edisto Beach Town Council Meetings, Jan. 10 & 12, 2017

The following are the significant items of interest: 

1.       Town Council approved second reading of Ordinance 2016-27 which adopted the amended budget for fiscal year 2016-17 (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017).  Key item was the transfer of $1M from the Town's emergency fund to cover our Hurricane Matthew expenses.  75% of this is scheduled to be repaid by FEMA.

2.       Town Council approved second reading of Ordinance 2016-24 which provides for the issuance and sale of combined water & sewer system revenue bonds for the continued maintenance of our water & sewer system facilities.

3.       Town Council discussed and considered the State Revolving Fund/Rural Water Infrastructure as a source of funds for extending sewer lines on the front beach due to the extensive damage to the individual septic facilities in this area from the storm.  This item was tabled, however, due to the extended timeline required to secure the funding, obtain the permits, install the sewer lines and increase the capacity of the sewer system.  The affected property owners will have their new septic tanks and infrastructure completed long before the extension can be started.

4.       Town Council approved the Thomas & Hutton work authorization #16-02 which will get the failed booster pumps on track to be repaired and back in service.  Currently, this is preventing us from having our full complement of pumps in service in our water system.

5.       Town Council approved change order No. 1 for $332,000 for Wharton Smith to move our Water Systems Improvement Project into the production phase of preparing engineering design documents and securing permitting (Phase II).  Previously, Wharton Smith completed the contract for Phase 1 for $90,000.  The deliverables were to develop preliminary engineering information. provide a presentation of the matrix, provide a matrix for the development of the project, perform engineering studies to support the design, with exclusions and produce a preliminary engineering report based on open book costing resulting in a guaranteed maximum price from conception to completion.


Clearly our Water Systems Improvement Project is moving forward towards a construction start generally consistent with the previous schedule expectations.

6.       Town Council approved emergency purchase orders required to deal with the impacts of Hurricane Matthew.  All of the costs were relatively small except for the sand removal costs on Palmetto and point Streets which totaled approximately $692,000.

7.       Town Council approved a noise ordinance variance allowing the construction noise to continue unbaled during the required 24 hour, 7 days a week work schedule for renourishment and groin extension work.

8.       Steve Traynum of Coastal Engineering, at the request of the Town Administrator, gave a short status report on beach renourishment.  Steve confirmed that the contractors have mobilized and work has been initiated.  The two lead contractors involved are Crowder Construction for the groin extension work and Marinext for beach renourishment.


Please advise if you have questions or comments.


Thank you for your support.


dredging barge


Progress Report:  Groin compartment 6, between groins 6 and7, is finishing up and the sand discharge will be moved to groin compartment 5 in the 300 to 400 block.  Work on groin 25 and 24 will probably be completed today.  Work in the water can only be done 3 hrs. before and 3 hrs. after low tide.  Photos are of the dredge and pipeline discharge area. sand being discharged

David Cannon


staging equipment for renourishment



The Edisto Beach Renourishment and Groin Lengthening Project

The beach nourishment and groin lengthening project has begun. This project was permitted by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Health and Environmental Control Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. Portions of this project are based upon the US Army Corps of Engineers approved National Economic Development Plan. Once completed, Edisto Beach will have a wider, more stable beach.  This project should also extend the need to re-nourish as often.   

Marinex Construction Company of Charleston is the dredge contractor.  Marinex was awarded a $11,698,780 contract to perform the beach nourishment portion of the project.  Crowder Construction Company of Charlotte, North Carolina is the groin lengthening contractor.  Crowder was awarded a $5,324,000 contract to perform this work.  Notice to proceed on the project has been issued and both contractors have mobilized and begun work. These project costs include Edisto Beach State Park work which is being managed by the Town and funded by the state.

This project is being funded by Town of Edisto Beach tourism taxes ($3,000,000), Colleton County Capital Project Sales Taxes ($4,000,000), the South Carolina Department of Parks Recreation and Tourism Grant ($6,800,000), federal funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency due to damages from Hurricanes Joaquin ($1,400,000) and Matthew (TBD) and the Edisto Beach State Park.

The bid documents and project plans can be viewed at and

According to the permit, groins will be lengthened by the following lengths:

Groin 1 (South of Finns)

90 feet

Groin 16 (1206 Palmetto)

20 feet

Groin 2 (106 Palmetto)

85 feet

Groin 17 (1402 Palmetto)

20 feet

Groin 3 (120 Palmetto)

90 feet

Groin 18 (1602 Palmetto)

40 feet

Groin 4 (136 Palmetto)

100 feet

Groin 19 (1802 Palmetto)

0 feet

Groin 5 (202 Palmetto)

100 feet

Groin 20 (2101 Point)

40 feet

Groin 6 (218 Palmetto)

90 feet

Groin 21 (2301 Point)

30 feet

Groin 7 (310 Palmetto)

90 feet

Groin 22 (2402 Point)

30 feet

Groin 8 (406 Palmetto)

95 feet

Groin 23 (2601 Point)

30 feet

Groin 9 (420 Palmetto)

95 feet

Groin 24 (2701 Point)

30 feet

Groin 10 (512 Palmetto)

95 feet

Groin 25 (2704 Point)

40 feet

Groin 11 (608 Palmetto)

95 feet

Groin 26 (2803 Point)

50 feet

Groin 12 (702 Palmetto)

45 feet

Groin 27 (2806 Point)

50 feet

Groin 13 (718 Palmetto)

80 feet

Groin 28 (2810 Point)

0 feet

Groin 14 (902 Palmetto)

65 feet

Groin 29 (2904 Point)

0 feet

Groin 15 (1102 Palmetto)

40 feet

Groin 30

0 feet

rock for the groins

Groins 1-11 and 13 and 14 will include a composite sheet pile section that should last longer than steel sheet pile.  The composite sheet pile will be capped with concrete reinforced with epoxy coated steel rebar.  The sheet pile will also be strengthened on each side by armor stone supported by a geotextile mesh marine mattress filled with small stones. The terminal end of each groin lengthened with sheet pile will be stabilized with armor stone placed on top of a 1 foot thick by 5 feet wide geotextile mesh marine mattress. This mattress is used to stabilize the ocean floor so the armor stone stays in place.

Groins 12, 15-18, and 20-27 will be lengthened by grouted stone resting on marine mattresses.

Groin 28 will be restacked and grouted.  Groin 29 will be restacked, but will not be grouted to prevent erosional impacts down drift.

Groins 30-33 will not be restacked or grouted.

A minimal dune is planned along Reach 1 (between Groins 1 and 11) where the emergency protective berm has already eroded away.  Depending on funding at the completion of the project, the Town may install sand fencing and vegetation.

Sand will be placed between each groin to trapping capacity and will not be overfilled to cover the groins as in the past.

The nourishment portion of the project is expected to be completed before turtle nesting season May 1, 2017).  The groin lengthening portion may continue into turtle nesting season with restrictions, according to the permit. 

Crowder has restacked Groins 28 and 29 and performed some repair work to the armor stone on Groins 1 and 2. 

Marinex has mobilized the dredge and is positioning the pipeline for pumping of dredged sand to the beach.  They will begin pumping onto the beach in the 500 block and move north toward the State park.  Once the north end has been completed, they will work to the south.


The latest from FEMA

Member Alert: FEMA sending letters to policyholders to clearly communicate flood risk

Jan. 11, 2017 



FEMA has now begun the next phase of implementation of Section 28, Clear Communication of Risk, of the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014, which requires the agency to clearly communicate full flood risk determinations to individual property owners. 

To meet this requirement, the National Flood Insurance Program reviewed the flood risk and underwriting information for every flood insurance policy, and is writing to all NFIP policyholders to explain the current risk level for their property and the relation of the risk to their premium rates.

Starting January 2017, policyholders will begin receiving letters about two months after their policy renews. Policyholders who renewed policies in October 2016 through December 2016 will also receive their first mailing. FEMA will continue to mail the letter at each subsequent renewal.

Because policy information varies from one policy to the next, the letters encourage policyholders to contact their insurance agent to discuss their unique situation, or visit to learn about their options.

All policyholders will eventually receive a letter upon the renewal of their policy. The NFIP has identified seven categories of policyholders to receive unique information based on their risk and current premium rates. The letters for each policyholder category are as follows:


·         ·Letter A: Newly mapped into the Special Flood Hazard Area, or high risk flood zone

·         ·Letter B: Standard X Zone (moderate risk), not grandfathered

·         ·Letter C: Standard X Zone (moderate risk), grandfathered

·         ·Letter D: Pre-FIRM subsidized, primary residences

·         ·Letter E: Pre-FIRM subsidized, non-primary residences and businesses

·         ·Letter F: Preferred Risk Policy (PRP)

·         ·Letter G: Post-FIRM, full risk

Information for insurance agents, copies of each category of letter, details about what each letter means, and tips for how individual policyholders can lower their flood risk (and potentially their flood insurance premiums) can be found at Here is a PDF of a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

As you are aware, HFIAA requires gradual insurance rate increases for properties currently receiving artificially low (or subsidized) rates, rather than immediate full-risk rate increases. HFIAA requires increases to premiums for most subsidized properties of no less than 5 to 15 percent annually, but no more than 18 percent for an individual policyholder--with limited exceptions--until the premium reaches its full-risk insurance rate.


The information that NFIP policyholders will receive, will help them make the best decisions about their flood risk, including how to better prepare for flooding disasters in their community


From Representative Sanford's Office:

January 6, 2017


WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Representative Mark Sanford issued the following statement with regard to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM) decision to deny all pending seismic testing permits in the Atlantic Ocean:

“This is important news for the coast of South Carolina, and an issue that my office has prioritized, particularly in light of local input. It’s a decision that speaks volumes to the importance of voicing one’s opinion, and residents along our coast should be proud of the way they sent a compelling message to Washington.

“Just this past June, Congressman Gerry Connolly (D-VA) and I led a letter to the president requesting a halt to the permitting process for potential seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean. We pointed out that it makes little sense to conduct seismic testing off the Atlantic coast, when the Atlantic Ocean has been excluded as a possible site for offshore drilling for the next five years.

“Today is a big win for our coastal communities. Accordingly, I thank the decision-makers at BOEM.”


The Edisto Beach Renourishment and Groin Lengthening Project in Layman's Terms:

Currently there is an agreement in place between the Town of Edisto Beach and Marinex Construction, Inc. to dredge by ocean-certified cutterhead suction dredge 956,000 cubic yards onto 19,300 linear feet of Edisto Beach in four reaches and the Edisto Beach State Park.  Sand is to be dredged from the designated offshore borrow area situated approximately one mile off the south end of the project.  The borrow area encompasses approximately 175 acres and the maximum volume available in borrow areas is ~2.2 million cubic yards.  The work shall be conducted outside of turtle nesting season, i.e. no work from May 1 – October 31.  The cost of construction will be $11,698,780.00.


Currently there is an agreement between the Town of Edisto Beach and Crowder Construction Company to extend twenty-six groins  within the town limits of Edisto Beach.  Thirteen groins (groins 1 – 11, 13 and 14) will be lengthened by sheet piles, and thirteen groins (groins 12, 15 to 18, 20 and 27) will be lengthened by grouted armor stone.  The sheet piling will be made of composite fiberglass.  The project includes placement of approximately 9,450 tons of SCDOC Type F granite armor stone and approximately 38,000 square feet of 1-foot thick marine mattress for groin extension and toe protection including excavation and backfill as necessary for placement of the material.  The project also includes grouting the armor stone connection between the existing groins and the new extended sheet pile groin sections.   Approximately 345 cubic yards of grout is needed to complete the work.  The cost of construction will be $5,324,000.


Beach Renourishment/Groin Lengthening Information

 The long-awaited beach nourishment and groin lengthening project has begun! Please have patience as this project progresses. We realize people will be inconvenienced for a brief period of time in work zone areas. As sand is pumped from offshore, heavy equipment is necessary to move the sand. The contractors will be working 24 hours a day. There will be lights from the equipment on the beach at night and the heavy equipment has back-up alarms that cannot be turned off, as this is an OSHA requirement. The contractors will start around Beach Access 5 and will work toward the north so that the Town can nourish areas most heavily impacted by Hurricane Matthew. This will allow property owners to begin rebuilding. Visitors and residents should avoid work zone areas because of the hazards from heavy equipment. Please contact Iris Hill, Town Administrator at 843-869-2505 x 211 with any questions. Equipment operators will not be able to answer your questions or adjust the volume on the back-up alarms. Construction is set to be completed by May 2017. 

Deborah Hargis

Municipal Clerk



Town Council Meetings Dec. 6 & 8

  The primary focus was to identify and thank the many individuals, organizations, etc. who performed so admirably during our storm recovery efforts.  This was done as follows:


·         Presentation to Mayor Darby by Iris Hill, the Town Administrator, for her leadership of the Town's efforts.

·         Resolution No. 2016-R30 thanking the men & women of the SC State Guard for the outstanding protection of our property & safety they provided for us.  Byron Briese was recognized for his leadership of this group.

·         Resolution No. 2016-R31 thanking the men & women of the SC National Guard for their outstanding protection of our property & safety they provided for us.  Lt. Col. Hyman & Major Call were presented with the resolution.

·         Resolution recognizing the Town's employees and the Town's leadership during the recovery requested by the Tide Committee will be presented at the January Town Council meeting.

·         Other notable contributions by individuals & groups were rewarded with Starfish awards.  These included Dave & Julia Harper (cleaning bike path on Jungle Road), lagoon cleaning volunteers which included Edisto Beach Fire Chief Denny Conley, Wally & Melody Anderson, Grant & Sonya Goodman, Bob Livingston, Chip Stevenson, Vaughn & Martha Carroll and Bob & Stephanie Renner (this team cleared the lagoons of mattresses, appliances, sofas, etc.), Slade Evans & Billy Callahan (helping Mickey & Cheryl Van Metre get their cat from under the bed during evacuation), Edisto Beach Fire Chief (facilitating the Van Metre's return to their home), Bob Doub (assistance to Walton Salley due to water main failure)

2.)   Council passed second reading of Ordinance NO. 2016-26, which enacted Section 26-59 permitting debris removal from private roads in Ocean Ridge.

3.)   Report on the Fiscal Year Audit for the year ending June 30, 2016 was presented by Auditor Eve McCoy to Council.  Bottom-line, she stated the result was a unqualified or clean audit. 

Thank you for your support!



Town of Edisto beach Water & Sewer Committee Mtg. Dec. 16,2016

1.0   Restoration of Sewage Disposal on Front Beach

        Twenty-five residences either lost or had seriously damaged septic tanks on the north end of the beach.  Many of these as well as other areas cannot accommodate a new septic tank installation until the current beach renournishment, now being initiated, is completed.  

        The possibility of extended sewer service was also discussed as an alternative to new individual septic tanks.  This option, however, does not appear plausible for the following reasons:

·         Extension of sewer service on the north end would cost an estimated $1M

·         The sewer line would have to be run down the center of Palmetto Blvd. and would require SCDOT concurrence

·         The Town's sewer plant would have to be expanded

·         OCRM grants could be expected to cover up to $500K of the $1M sewer line extension cost but would not cover the related costs which include engineering, permitting, etc.

·         Most important, satisfying the above requirements would delay restoration of sewer service beyond the next spring and summer rental season

The Water & Sewer Committee concluded the discussion by agreeing no further action is needed or recommended.


2.0   Restoration of Full Compliment of Wells

        Currently only three wells and the elevated water storage tank are operable.  The following are not operable and must be either restored or replaced:

·         No. 3 well at the Lions Club

·         No. 4 and 5 wells at the State Park well field

·         Ground water storage tank

·         Two booster pumps at the well field

It was reported on 12-8-16 in Town Council meeting that No. 5 well was repaired and the ground water storage tank would be filled beginning 12-9-16.  However, the two integral booster pumps will require replacement at an estimated cost of $90K to $185K.  The Committee unanimously approved for submittal to Town Council a motion to hire Thomas & Hutton to prepare a bid package to replace these pumps.  Note that the current booster pumps are single case which means any problems with the motor or pump require the entire units removal for repair.  Because of its ease to repair either the pump or motor separately, a split case pump is preferred and recommended by the Utility Dept.

Approximately $44K in additional costs were required to deal with the storm. 

3.0   Water System Upgrade Revenue Bonds


        First reading on the Revenue Bond was approved by Town Council on 10-21-16.  Second reading is scheduled on the January 2017 Town Council agenda.  In a related matter, Town Advisor, John Cantey, recommends that we should issue insured bonds because of rising interest rates and we must make them as attractive as possible.  Insured bonds guarantee payment as well as other security protection.  The Committee voted unamiously to recommend Town Council proceed with insured bonds.

        A new well is included in the scope of the water system upgrade which Town Council has authorized proceeding with a new well on Town owned property zoned for public use near Town Hall.

        Wharton Smith has submitted a change order for the new well at a cost from reserves at $1.3M.  Because of potential risk of negatively impacting bond rating, the Committee recommended that reserves not be used until new bond rating is done for Revenue Bond.      

Thank you for your support!





Edisto Beach Seeks Your Help in Our Recovery

The Town is open for business after Hurricane Matthew.  As we recover, please consider visiting us to help our businesses recover also.  Our rental owners, restaurants, and businesses struggle during the winter months and the impacts of Matthew have made things even more difficult.  Please consider coming to visit for a weekend or day and  support our businesses. 


Your Board, in a November meeting, unamiously approved the preparation and issuance of a letter thanking the Town Council as well as all the other participating organizations and personnel for their exemplary performance in dealing with the storm's aftermath on Edisto Beach.

It has been distributed to Town Council and members of the staff and other supporting organizations.

Please advise if you have questions or comments.

Thank you for your support. 

Please click here to read the letter. (PDF format)

Beach Nourishment

The Town is in the process of finalizing the award of the beach nourishment and groin lengthening projects.  These projects are tentatively scheduled to begin the second week in December and construction will begin on the north end of the beach. Crowder Construction will be performing the groin lengthening and Marinex will be performing the beach nourishment.  The Town has been notified by the Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department that they were awarded $6.8 million dollars towards this project. 


Information from insurance meeting today and important websites and numbers

·         Call the SC Dept. of Insurance at1-800-768-3467 or go to  (there is a Hurricane Matthew's page)  M-Th 8-6  Friday 8-5 for assistance and questions on filing

·         For flood insurance claims

·         With your Wind & Hail policy you will be assigned an examiner (not adjuster) who will be your best contact.  If problems call 803-451-8045 or to check on a claim (have claim # and policy #)

·         If power outage caused damage that would be filed under Homeowners Insurance

·         The Dept. of Insurance said if there is any question about if you have a claim to file it…..all the insurance companies can do is turn it down.  If damage was caused by an "Act of God" insurance premuims will not go up!

·         Small Business Assistance Loans to individuals 1.53%  Business Loans starting at 4%


The meeting ran for over an hour.  Examples of issues discussed included tree on house with roof penetration, slab damage, piling damage, well pump loss, water heater loss, landscaping equipment loss and freezer/refrigerator contents losses.

disaster info insurance

more ins infoagenda


SC Dept. Labor Issues Scam Alert for Property Repairs
click here for more information



The Town of Edisto Beach and MEDUCARE have partnered for the benefit of you, our town property owners.  Property owners transported from Colleton or Charleston Counties by MEDUCARE, or any AirMedCare Network Provider, who are insured at the time of transport, will only be billed the Medicare Allowable Rate.  You will not be billed for the balance which could be upwards of $10,000.  For property owners who are insured, MEDUCARE will only bill your insurance company and not bill you for the balance.  Those who are uninsured will be billed the Medicare allowable rate.  MEDUCARE has been sending out information about upgrades.  There is no requirement to upgrade unless you decide you need to.


Town of Edisto Beach Receives Recognition
click link below

Today the South Atlantic Coast (Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina & Georgia) was
officially removed from the plan for off shore drilling.





The Edisto …. Our Threatened River?

The Edisto River is one of South Carolina’s most popular rivers for paddling, fishing, and outdoor fun.  It’s also the state’s most heavily used river for irrigation, and excessive agricultural water withdrawals are threatening wildlife, recreation, and the water supplies of other uses.

While the state’s permitting process requires industrial and municipal water users to meet requirements to safeguard river health and clean water, large agribusinesses do not.  Legislation is desperately needed to end this unfair exemption so that the Edisto, and all of the state’s rivers, can continue to provide sustainable water supplies for all, while supporting river health and recreation.

The longest free flowing blackwater river in the US, the Edisto winds from spring-fed headwaters in the Sandhills of central SC, through the heart of floodplain forests in the Coastal Plain, to the rich estuary of the Ashepoo/Combahee/Edisto (ACE) Basin.  It is an intimate river along most of its length – a place where paddlers enjoy solitude and close-up views of diverse plants and wildlife.  No dams block the Edisto’s flow; migratory fish are free to run its entire 250 mile length, from ocean to headwaters. 

In the heart of the ACE Basin, freshwater arteries sustain one of the most acclaimed natural areas found on the East Coast, where more than 130,000 acres of land have been protected through public/private partnerships.  While the river’s character changes along its path, there is one constant – the tannin-stained Edisto waters – the lifeblood of this unique region.

This year’s listing of the Edisto River follows South Fork of the Edisto’s appearance in the 2014 America’s Most Endangered Rivers report.  Excessive agricultural water withdrawals continue to be a major threat to the Edisto and other rivers across the state.  While municipal and industrial water users are required to get withdrawal permits, SC’s surface water law does not require permits for agricultural water users – this means that the state cannot regulate water use during drought periods to protect the river, water quality, small farmers, and downstream users.

When the South Carolina Surface Water Withdrawal, Permitting, Use, and Reporting Act was passed in 2010, the agricultural exemption from state permitting was a victory for industrial-scale – not traditional – farms in SC.  At the time, lawmakers were led to believe that the relaxed measures would help traditional SC farmers.  No one envisioned the agricultural exemption from permitting would be exploited by industrial-scale, out-of-state agribusinesses that would use enough water to supply a medium-sized city.  However, that’s what is happening, increasing uncertainty for downstream water users, and putting the Edisto and other rivers at increased risk.

This year, a bipartisan group of cosponsors introduced H.3564 in the SC Legislature – a bill that would have ended the exemption of large agricultural water withdrawals from permitting.   The bill would have protected SC farmers by allowing existing agricultural registrations to remain in effect, and it would have required new industrial-scale agricultural water users to receive withdrawal permits like all other users.

We urge you to tell our legislators to amend the state’s surface water law to make it fair for all water users and to protect the health and integrity of the state’s rivers for future generations including our Edisto.

Thank you for your support!


Flood Insurance Seminar Followup

As we indicated in several recent emails, the Town of Edisto Beach sponsored the subject seminar this past Thursday at the Civic Center.  The Town will get credit for sponsoring this seminar.  The seminar was conducted by Paul Abrams representing Smart Vent Products, Inc.  Mr. Abrams began by describing their team of certified flood plain managers that have been assembled to evaluate individual private property configurations against the latest NFIP changes dictated by the Biggert-Waters Act and the Grimm-Waters Act.  If an individual property owner requests that his property be evaluated then the Team will perform the evaluation and inform the owner of the results in a written report detailing any recommended mitigation options that could reduce the premium cost on you.  Potential mitigation options include grandfathering options that can have your property rated at an earlier FEMA Map, LOMA options that could eliminate the mandatory requirement for Flood Insurance and other physical modifications which may include adding flood vents to lower your premium.  There is no charge for the evaluations and there is no implied obligation for the property owner to react to the recommendations.  Further this is not connected in any way with FEMA or a Federal agency.  Obviously, the vendor in this case is hoping that the evaluations will, in some cases, result in “Smart Vent” sales but this seminar was not presented as a sales pitch for their vents.

As indicated in the link below, an individual property owner can request an evaluation by following the instructions outlined.  Again, there is no obligation to utilize the results from an evaluation or buy a particular product.

Please advise if you have questions and/or concerns.

Thank you for your support!



irrigation rules

Procedures for voting by absentee ballot:

Qualified voters may vote absentee in person or by mail.

In Person - Visit your county voter registration office , complete an application, and cast your ballot. You may vote absentee in person up until 5:00 p.m. on the day before the election. Rules for photo ID required to vote at the polling place apply.

By Mail - Follow these steps to vote absentee by mail. Photo ID is not required to vote absentee by mail.

Step 1: Get an absentee application in one of two ways:

Step 2: You've now printed your application online or received your application in the mail. You must now complete and sign the application and return it to your county voter registration office. You should return the application as soon as possible but no later than 5:00 p.m. on the 4th day prior to the election (the 4th day is Friday for all Tuesday elections). You may return the application by mail, email, fax, or personal delivery.

Step 3: You will be mailed an absentee ballot.

Step 4: Vote the ballot following ballot instructions and return it to your county voter registration office by 7:00 p.m. on the day of the election. You may return the ballot personally or by mail. You may also have another person return the ballot for you, but you must first complete an authorization to return absentee ballot form, available from your county voter registration office.

Deadline to request absentee ballot – June 21st

Early voting at the Walterboro office only to start around June 10th…call number below to make sure of date.


115-A Benson Street
P.O. Box 97
Walterboro, SC 29488
Phone: (843) 549-2842
Fax:(843) 549-2812


Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

7AM-7PM Election Days

Thank you for your support,



For your future use:

Councilmen Addresses and phone numbers.

Patti Smyer
Jerome Kizer
Crawford Moore
MayorJane Darby 843-869-4306
Susan Hornsby

All councilmen can receive mail at c/o Town Hall, 2414 Murray St, Edisto Beach, SC 29438

If you want to be kept informed on developments on Edisto Beach, join the Edisto Beach Property Owners Association by filling out the form below and sending the annual dues of $30.00 to the return address above.  Membership entitles you to two tickets to the Annual Meeting complete with BBQ dinner and cocktails.

Name__________________________________________Spouse Name____________________

Mailing Address________________________________________________________________

Edisto Beach Property Address_____________________________________________________

Email address___________________________________________________________________

Home Phone___________________________



The Town of Edisto Beach
web site is available at


the newly repainted EINSB welcome sign
Our thanks to Mike & Nancy Salas who repainted our Scenic Byway sign.
Click here to visit the Edisto Island National Scenic Byway

EINSB Website


Visit Edisto's jewel, Botany Bay Wildlife Management Area
To learn about Botany Bay WMA Click here
To learn about the driving tour click here
To read the article in South Carolina Wildlife Magazine click here


SC Tax Credit Available

SC allows a tax credit against income tax for primary residences.  If your insurance premiums exceed 5% of your income you can claim the excess as a credit against SC income tax up to a maximum of $1,250.
To get the form click here and select form TC 44. 

New Officers:

President -
Bob Sandifer

Vice Pres. -
John Morgan

Secretary -
David Cannon

Treasurer -
Sjannah Sanders

To Contact Us:
P.O. Box 147
Edisto Island, SC 29438
or e mail
Bob Sandifer President

Board Members:

Mickey Blancett
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